Welcome to my corner in the Internet.
The following pages present the results of my academic-life.

During my studies of business engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, one focus was robotics. Working with a computer only, everything is just shifting electrons from one place to another. With robots however, you can change the real world and thatīs much more interesting.

During my doctorate in robotics at the University of Kaiserslautern the  focus of my research was safe human-robot-cooperation. The goal was to allow a human and a robot to work in the same space. More information is on the SIMERO page.

During my postdoctoral research at the Tokyo-University in Japan, the focus of the research is to use a novel vision processing system for safe human-tobot cooperation. This system is cheaper and faster than conventional vision systems. However, the vision algorithms need to be adapted to the new architecture.

All of my writings can be found on the publication page.

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